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Character sheet of Vix Arkelith, the primary antagonist of my story, Chronicles of Gaia, done by Iggi of FA -


Vix is the last member of the Arkelith bloodline, a family of necromancers who for the past five hundred years have exerted influence over the most infamous and powerful mages throughout Alexandria. Born to a necromancer and a swordmaiden, Vix and her family were driven underground when Queen Garnet placed a ban on all Mist-related research - including necromancy. Her father continued to experiment on the dead, but his carelessness and arrogance led to the arrest and eventual execution of both her parents, an action that would cement her hatred against the Alexandrians and set her on the path to becoming Gaia's self-professed liberator.

After her father's death, Vix uncovered a plan to grant the gift of immortality to every soul on Gaia - by resurrecting the Mist, infusing it with necromantic magicks and spreading it across the planet's surface. To achieve this, Vix began supplying local criminal gangs and extremist factions with weapons and supplies, with the intention of creating enough war throughout the Mist continent to restart the flow of Mist. Not content with just starting wars, Vix eventually uncovered a Soul Gem, a stone capable of bringing the dead back to life, and began to put the next phase of her plan into motion.

She travelled to Burmecia during the First Seed festival, where she used the Soul Gem's power to resurrect Horatio, an infamous Burmecian necromancer. On Vix's orders, the Lich summoned up an army of undead soldiers and attacked Burmecia during the festivities, the first of many to spread across Gaia. As she expected, the Burmecians suspected Queen Garnet and her government of foul play, and began to make preparations for a deadly counterattack on Alexandria.

With the Lich and his army at her disposal - and the threat of war between nations emerging once again - Vix is now one step closer to making Gaia into the perfect undead utopia her father dreamed of. A ruthless and cunning woman at heart, she will stop at nothing to fulfill her family's legacy.


TL;DR, Vix's family was murdered, becomes angry at the world, and sets about fulfilling the ultimate revenge fantasy by turning everyone into zombies - definitely not someone who's up for cuddling at night with.
GamePonySly Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2015  Student
She's so beautiful & sexy, I loved much her and her sweet paws.Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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May 17, 2015
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