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Journal History

1.) My favorite food to snack on are peanut butter and banana sandwiches on wholemeal bread. They're packed full of energy, and they cover all of my macronutirent needs.

2.) Although I'm bisexual, I actually prefer women over men. I'm also okay with transexuals.

3.) My current man crushes are Chris Hemsworth, Kit Harrington, and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Likewise, my current girl crushes are Pauline Nordin, Scarlett Johansson, and Emilia Clarke.

4.) I've only ever dated four people in my whole life - My first boyfriend I met on Second Life, which only lasted a few weeks. The second I met on, and that lasted for a year and a bit. The third one, a girl, also met on Second Life, and lasted for a year too. And the forth only lasted a few months. The two guys I've never met face-to-face, but I met up with the two girls on three occassions each.

5.) As much as I love 80s/Early 90s music, I actually like lesser-known bands from those periods than I do big name stars. Examples include Dare, Vixen, and Bad English.

6.) When it comes to girls, I like toned/athletic women, and -some- bodybuilders, within limits. For men, I dig muscular guys with long hair, and fembois/crossdressers.

7.) My OC Declan Tribal was first created back in 2003 as a Dante expy - originally he was going to be a Burmecian/Dragon hybrid who uses both a sword and a gun, and he could cast powerful black magic spells to augment his swordplay. Needless to say, a lot of his abilities have either been stripped out or toned down to focus more on his personality and character arc.

8.) Chronicles of Gaia was originally going to be a webcomic named CyberDragon, which took place in a more modern setting and had the protagonists face off against a private millitary company. Obviously the idea never came to light, so it ended up being turned into a Final Fantasy fanfic instead. My very first-ever OC was even going to be the main villain, too.

9.) Chronicles of Gaia itself draws inspiration from an old FF9 Role Playing board that I created and helped maintain back in 2007-2010, and uses a number of characters and plot elements from that board.

10.) I'm an abolute tea beast! On average, I drink at least 6 - 10 cups a day. My favorite blends are chai, earl grey and lemon green tea.

11.) A movie I like that everyone seems to hate? Alien Resurrection.

12.) A movie I hate that everyone seems to like? Fantastic Mr Fox.

13.) The first ever video game I've played? Mega Man 2.

14.) The first ever video game I've -completed-? Super Mario 3.

15.) My favorite gaming franchises are Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy (not counting the games post-10.) My favorite stand-alone title is Shadow of the Colossus.

16.) My childhood crushes were Freya Crescent, Misty from Pokemon, Meryl Silverburgh, and Rouge the Bat.

17.) I stopped caring about Sonic the Hedgehog after Sonic Adventure 2 on the Dreamcast. I don't even like the art style either, for that matter.

18.) I did a paper round in the mornings during my stint at high school. The pay was pretty okay, but man, I really did hate having to get up at 6 just to go to work at the time.

19.) I've worked at my current job for over ten years now. I started working in the hospital's mortuary around 2007-8, and boy, did I hate working there at first.

20.) I was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder when I was 4, and had to attend a specialist school before being mainstreamed near the end of Year 2 (or 2nd Grade for those who speak American.)

21.) I have a strong preference for RPG-style parties or a band of heroes than I do for a lone protagonist.

22.) I've had long hair since my second year at college. I've never had it cut shorter than neck-length ever since.

23.) Burmecians are my all-time favorite fantasy-style race, and were what drew me into becoming a furry in the first place. I find their mysterious nature to be quite alluring.

24.) I'm very fascinated by Egyptian mythology, and I love going to exhibitions based on Ancient Egypt.

25.) I became a blood donor after some urging from a friend. My blood type is A+.

26.) Serylis was never intended to become a major character in Chronicles of Gaia, let alone Declan's main love interest. She was originally going to be a minor NPC who would help start Declan off in his quest to find his father, but I was so impressed with how the DM handled her, I asked if we could keep her around for a bit longer. Then the rest snowballed not long after.

27.) My favorite all-time favorite movie is Face/Off, followed closely by Con Air, the Avengers, and the Lion King.

28.) I started getting into exercise back in 2007, when I decided I want to have abs. Nowadays I've changed my goals with more focus on living a healthy lifestyle than just getting in shape.

29.) I feel far better motivated workout out from home than I do at a local gym, because I didn't like having to compete for certain pieces of equipment all the time. I finally got around to cancelling my gym membership when I ordered P90X around christmas 2012.

30.) I lost my virginity at 27. And to a girl, believe it or not :3

31.) I avoided fruit and veg like the plague until halfway through 2013. I started experimenting by having lettuce put in my Subway sandwiches before gradually adding onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. Nowadays I'll take a salad over a bowl of fries any day of the week.

32.) I like movies that have sharp, witty dialogue than I do with serious writing. I cannot stand dialogue that's dripping with clichés, no matter how good the actual story is.

33.) It took me two years to finish my Web Maestro course, because I couldn't work out how to do that fucking database assignment >.<

34.) I originally wanted to major in video game design when I got into college. However, I got easily frustrated with VB programming and couldn't even do basic collision detection. That's when I found out that I had more of a passion for coding in HTML and graphics design, and decided to pursue a career in web design instead.

35.) I -hate- traditional cardio. I prefer to burn fat by lifting weights than running or jumping on the spot for 40 minutes straight.

36.) I haven't had a single McDonald's or KFC meal since 2013. The only fast food I eat now is either from Subway, or a Meal Deal kind of lunch from Boots or some other chain store.

37.) My favorite plot type is the Myth Arc - I find myself more invested in story arcs that span across an entire series or franchise than ones that only last a couple of episodes or seasons.

38.) My -least- favorite plot type is Romance, especially when it's horribly rushed or it overtakes the main narrative, or if it involves two characters with little-to-no chemistry (*coughtwilightcough*). Granted, I think Romance arcs are okay when done right, or if the writers take their time developing a romantic subplot, but for me, it becomes a major turnoff when a story about solving a mystery or saving the world turns into a love triangle between Bob, Alice and Claire with no real explanation behind it.

39.) My favorite plot device is Chekhov's Gun. I love it when authors throw something seemingly unimportant early on in the story, only for it to turn up later at a very crucial moment late on in the story.

40.) I didn't learn how to cook until I was 28. Up until then, I was living on pizzas and microwaveable burgers and fries. How I never managed to develop type-2 diabetes or become Obese is nothing short of extreme luck.

41.) I want to play TES: Skryim again, but there's so many mods I want to add on and my system starts to chugg whenever I try to play it.

42.) I -loved- trains when I was a kid. Thomas the Tank Engine was even my childhood hero.

43.) My favorite cheat meals are cheesecake, Mini Eggs and cinnamon rolls.

44.) I'm a slow and sporadic worker, taking far longer to complete a project than what's reasonably necessary.

45.) The first ever anime I've watched was Akira, followed by Roujin Z. Before I got into Pokemon etc., I used to watch Ox Tales and the Moomins almost religiously. Nowadays I don't really bother with anime that much, unless it's something that's highly recommended by some friends.

46.) I have a cut on my left nostril that makes it look bigger than my right, and a huge scar that covers 1/3 of my lower back, both from a horrific road accident I had when I was 15.

47.) I read fanfiction more often that I read real literature.

48.) My favorite type of villain is the Well-Intentioned Extremist. As a character, they're (more than often) much more sympathetic than even the protagonists, and in the end they're simply heroes in their own right trying to make the world a better place. Even if it means committing genocide or enslaving entire civillizations in order to further their own goals.

49.) My least favorite type of hero is the Anti-Hero, especially when they're trying way too hard to be badass. That said, they're okay when done right, and there are even a few anti-heroes that I do like, including Solid Snake and Han Solo, but it's such an easy character archtype to horribly mangle, especially by Gary Stu authors.

50.) My favorite setting is the Medieval Fantasy setting, or Steampunk, or a combination of both.
  • Listening to: Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar On Me
  • Watching: Bruce Almighty
  • Drinking: Lemon Green Tea


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I'm back on DA under a new name, after a very long hiatus! This time I've decided to branch out into literature, starting with my FF9 fanfiction, Chronicles of Gaia.

Freelance web designer, Freya Crescent Shrine maintainer, bodybuilder, Second Life avatar modder and art appreciator. All comments about my work and lifestyle are welcome :)


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